Products & Services - Innosoft: Stainless Steel Cleaning Kit

                      The Aalco stainless steel cleaning kit is the best way to clean and protect stainless steel, especially outdoors and in marine environments.

                      For full product information please see our dedicated Innosoft data sheet and to read more about maintaining stainless steel please read our "Is Stainless Steel Really Maintenance Free" guide.

                      The kit comprises two liquids and an application sponge/scourer.

                      • Innosoft B570 - a special deep cleaner that cleans and removes contamination such as oxides and rust from stainless steel surfaces in a single operation.
                      • Innoprotect B580 - This product has a cleaning action and also passivates the surface to minimise further corrosion.  It is used by diluting 400ml to 1 litre of cold water.

                      Please follow the usage instructions on the product and wear waterproof gloves - full usage instructions are available from our Innosoft data sheet - where you can also view information about material safety, in line with 1907/2006/EC article 31.

                      Aalco is the official UK importer, stockholder and distributor of Innosoft products.

                      The stainless steel cleaning kits are available in large (500ml), medium (250ml) and small (100ml) sizes.

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